For what reason did you Supreme Caishen choose to introduce Casino Technology’s items on your club floor?

As one of the main gambling club administrators in Peru with a strong custom in giving the best gaming experience in the country, Casino Atlantic City has gotten superb proposals for Casino Technology’s machines yet additionally saw their consistent advancement through the strong execution evaluation in different club. Observing our guideline practices to introduce any new brand on a preliminary, we need to recognize that during that period Casino Technology made a surprising history which had won our certainty that Casino Atlantic City opened ways to a dependable and reliable colleague. This is the justification for why in the start of 2015 we chose to send off a few units from the extravagance line AURORA™ with the appealing multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ MULTISKIN variants 23 and 24 and later we added the dynamite TANGRA™ incline top with next adaptations 27 and 28 of the effective series.

What makes Casino Technology’s items standing apart from the group?

The most and huge benefit is irrefutably the savvy blend of titles consolidated into the multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ drawing in different players and fulfilling their desires for topics, convincing designs and interesting highlights, however according to functional perspective the additional worth of your item is the choice to separately arrange the RTP rate for each game in the multi-game stage. Also, we observed AURORA™ and TANGRA™’s plan help boosting the new player allure and hold.

What is the way in to the items’ accomplishment in the club?

The specialists of both Casino Atlantic City and Casino Technology chose the best spot for the machines during the preliminary focusing to achieve the ideal effort of the players profiles in the zone. As we would see it, the games math models are basic and straightforward. The console format and button deck’s setups are instinctive and easy to understand permitting better collaboration during the game. Then again, Casino Technology’s consistent help and item advancement urged our clients to conquer their underlying opposition and gave them motivators to play and trust the new machines in the club.

You initially introduced the AURORA™ Upright bureau, for what reason did you choose to add TANGRA™ incline top in your VIP zone?

We firmly accept that we will rehash AURORA’s prosperity by adding TANGRA™ incline top on the floor. Besides, our fresh out of the box new VIP zone is totally based on giving mostly incline top cupboards which would make the closeness liked by game darlings, hence TANGRA™ in blend with the assortment of GAMOPOLIS™ multi-game series makes the ideal answer for our showcasing methodology.

About Casino Technology: Casino Technology, established in 1999, is a worldwide gaming gear maker with laid out positions in global business sectors. The organization’s items are consistent in excess of 50 gaming purviews and are profoundly respected for their presentation, quality and dependability.

These days, Casino Technology gladly remains in the class of the people who shape the substance of current gaming. The organization’s image is prestigious as an equivalent for novel quality games, moderate innovative arrangements, and items made with motivation and energy for many thousands fulfilled players all over the planet. For more data,

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